Shortbread Therapy was born from our interest in the therapeutic applications of food. Our shortbread cookies address specific needs and are paired with a small token to complete the experience. Take comfort with Shortbread Therapy when you need to destress, refresh, recover, heal or all of the above…





Lemon, grapefruit and rosemary shortbread. To be enjoyed with a fresh rosemary ring worn on your finger that enhances the experience of the shortbread with a crisp scent.



An immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory shortbread with chocolate and turmeric. An envelope of rose bud epsom salts is included - just enough for a relaxing foot bath.



A set of two shortbreads to counteract help offset jet lag during travel. In the morning, coffee, grapefruit and orange shortbread will help you wake up, followed by a post-coffee mint. In the evening, a honey, milk and chamomile shortbread and a dental floss pick will help you relax and prepare for sleep.



Lavender, lemon and black pepper shortbread to help you unwind. A cedar shaving is included, which smells like a crisp forest. The cedar can be carried in your wallet or bag to bring you back to the memory of feeling clean and refreshed.



Indecisive shortbread combines all five Shortbread Therapy flavours in one package. Comes with an interesting coin to assist you when making future decisions.